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October 14, 2010
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12 Photoshop Layer Styles: fab by elvissalaris 12 Photoshop Layer Styles: fab by elvissalaris
12 Photoshop Layer Styles: fabrics cutout

+ In the box:
Photoshop Styles File
The preview in JPG
The preview in PSD!!!

+ How to install:
unzip the file and then in Photoshop "Edit" -> "Preset Manager" -> "Load"

+ Description:
The textures of the 12 layer styles are modified from pictures (free to use and found somewhere online, no copyrighted stuff), then modified and made in a usable pattern or handmade with my Bamboo One pen tablet (Wacom) pixel by pixel.

+ Time:
A couple of hours to make the textures, plus one hour to fix the styles, 15 minutes to make the preview (I found it easy having the styles all ready!).

+ Software:
Only Photoshop

+ License:
Free forever, even for commercial use but you can't resell them or claim them as yours. Appreciate a link here if you use'em

+ Mode of use:
Had fun doing them and hope someone can use them. Being all styles and with black and white textures you can change colors and or gradients, shadows or strokes.

Please leave a comment even a bad one, or I won't improve!
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elvissalaris Apr 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
My pleasure!
fun styles... tfs!
Thank you for the styles...
elvissalaris Feb 21, 2011  Professional General Artist
It's been a pleasure, actually i did it cuz i need them twice a month
Woot! thank you =}
This work is very good, I like the textures and combinations, thank you very much for sharing, god bless you infinitely
elvissalaris Oct 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks very much, but I wonder for which kind of job would you use it? There is anything in particular that you think people can benefit from? I did this in a need of plastic buttons for webdesign but I don't know what else you can use it for.
Thanks again
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